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The Global Sourcing Standard

Best Practice Guide

Case studies


The Global Sourcing Standard is a non- prescriptive model designed for sourcing practitioners to validate or to develop their own approaches to sourcing strategy.

Strategic sourcing works best when you are experienced. GSA Best Practice guides distil the knowledge of the collective experience of our industry into a handy format.

The good, the bad and the comeback kings: see how other organisations are making strategic sourcing work for them.

Change is the only constant. Changes build into trends. Trend analysis informs planning. Get informed with GSA member research. 

A Repository of Sourcing Excellence

The Knowledge Centre forms a collection of exclusive GSA-UK reports, industry research and best practice guides, as well as the Global Sourcing Standard, which provides detailed information on sourcing strategies.

The Knowledge Centre provides individuals and businesses with in-depth industry knowledge on outsourcing and how sourcing can be effectively employed. The majority of the Knowledge Centre content is only available to members of the GSA-UK.

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