Many years in the making, the Corporate Accreditation Programme is a crucial part of the Global Sourcing Association’s ongoing campaign to professionalise the sourcing industry.

Enterprises source a wide range of services – from customer service to enterprise-wide technology systems – yet the vast majority of them ultimately find themselves asking similar questions: are our service providers performing well? How do we compare to others in our industry? Are we achieving sourcing best practice?

While there are some attempts at common standards emerging in sourcing – such as those being developed by the ISO - they necessarily tend to be broad-reaching and non-prescriptive. The GSA’s Corporate Accreditation Programme has been developed to sit above these emerging standards, giving the company involved a much better picture of its outsourcing maturity, and highlighting specific strengths and weaknesses.

The result is a journey of improvement towards outsourcing best practice, which will yield increased value in terms of cost savings and service improvements. Accreditation also means recognition of an organisation’s sourcing competency, assuring customers and stakeholders that they’re in the safest hands.

Steps to Corporate Accreditation:

1. Sourcing Lifecycle Assessment Level 01

Complete this fifteen-minute questionnaire to receive a summary assessing your organisation’s outsourcing maturity level and highlighting specific areas for development. It’s free for members and accessible via the GSA website.

2. Accreditation Readiness Assessment

From here, your organisation or team can enrol on the GSA’s accreditation programme. Once you’ve assigned a project manager, the GSA will get them started with the Sourcing Lifecycle Assessment software platform, which collates and contrasts views of different individuals/teams at the company (and even suppliers) to deliver an objective picture of company-wide performance. This will be followed by a one-day workshop, led by the GSA or an GSA accredited partner, to review performance and ways to improve.

3. Performance Improvement Programme

The Accreditation Readiness Assessment process results in a detailed report on sourcing performance based on the GSA’s own best practice standards. You can then choose to proceed by working with an GSA accreditation partner on a journey of best practice improvements, embark on this journey yourself or immediately undertake the Accreditation Audit.

4. GSA Accreditation Audit

When your organisation is ready, the GSA will come in and begin the audit process. Within one week the GSA will announce the level of accreditation achieved: Competent or Excellent. Companies will be given detailed feedback on their performance and recommendations on what needs to be done in order to reach the next level.

To start your journey towards corporate accreditation, contact the GSA at

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