When: 10 Apr 2024 3:30-5:30PM - followed by networking and drinks.
Where: RPC, Tower Bridge House, St Katharine's Way, London E1W 1AA

Essential to attend for service providers interested in understanding how best to report to their buyers on their ESG performance and equally so for buyers desperate to understand the ESG performance of their service providers, and what this is doing to the own ESG footprint.

The GSA’s SPSI offers an industry first global industry standard approach to ESG reporting that will enable the technology and business services industry – and all the players within it – to understand how well it is (they are) performing across the ESG landscape and where they excel and where they need to improve, with a specially formulated and weighted questionnaire designed for our industry.

ESG is a minefield and GSA is delighted to launch a digital companion that will guide users every step of the way as they embark on their ESG performance journeys.

For Buyers:

  • A robust ready-made questionnaire for buyers to present to all their service providers
  • An easy to understand score with breakdowns across 5 keys sections
  • An easy way to understand how well your service providers are performing against each other and against the rest of the industry – across all parameters that are key to your company
  • A detailed report highlighting your providers’ strengths and weaknesses, enabling an action plan on where improvements need to be made
  • We will keep the questionnaire up-to-date so you don’t need to
  • An ability to change the weightings of sections / questions to reflect what’s most important to your company

For Service providers:

  • Fill in once and share many times, leading to significant time and cost savings
  • An easy way to understand how well you are performing against the rest of the industry
  • A detailed report highlighting strengths and weaknesses, enabling an action plan on where you need to make improvements
  • Data insights to highlight how the industry is changing over time
  • The ability to change your score as you make changes to your processes / policies, so you are always putting your best foot forward
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