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GSA & GSOS - Intelligent Automation Exchange

  • 8 Sep 2021
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (GDT)
  • Webinar


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The GSA has heard time and time again from our enterprise buyers that they want to partner with smaller, innovative businesses but they don’t know how to find them. So, we listened! The GSA is excited to announce its partnership with GSOS (Global Sourcing Optimization Services), a US-based boutique advisory firm focused on assisting unique start-up/early-stage companies involved in bringing digital innovation through intelligent automation to enterprises worldwide. This industry first partnership will bring a portfolio of 12 innovative tech start-ups to GSA members in the form of an Intelligent Automation Exchange (IAE) – all of which are disrupting sourcing with leading-edge technologies.

The GSA, together with GSOS, is really excited to be introducing our members to our portfolio of 12 proven companies that are all revolutionising critical aspects of sourcing as part of the IAE and to show you the new art of the possible in sourcing thanks to latest digital innovations.

Join us for our introductory session on 8 September where you’ll learn more about the Intelligent Automation Exchange (IAE) to be held 6-7 October and the opportunity to partner with a portfolio of 12 start-up companies who are truly innovative.

Speakers during the Introductory Session on 8 September include:

  • Kerry Hallard, CEO at the GSA, will announce the IAE event and how GSA members can get involved, 
  • Mel Parekh, VP of Strategic Solutions at AppOrchid and Mike O’Brien, former Head of IT Spend at BP and now CPO & Head of AppOrchid’s Contract AI technology will share how BP and AppOrchid LLC have partnered in the development of “Contract AI” that cuts time to contract by up to 90% while dramatically reducing contract risks,
  • Matt Shocklee, Founder of GSOS, will share how your organization can get involved in an exciting new Initiative; Socially Responsible Intelligent Automation (SRIA).  He will also briefly highlight each of the start-up/early-stage companies available for private meetings with GSA Members during the IAE event on October 6-7, 2021.

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