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A sourcing event like never before. THE FESTIVAL OF SOURCING IS BACK.

Here's what the attendees from last years Festival of Sourcing had to say:

"Fabulous event and wonderfully well organised, with some really insightful speakers" 

Tracey Bellamy, Head of IT Procurement and Vendor Management, Zurich Financial Services

"GSA has made an invaluable contribution to both buyers and suppliers, by bringing them together and guiding them through both challenges and opportunities with shared wisdom. Their events have helped widen networks and share knowledge and experience among peers."

Lasantha Gunatilaka, Supplier Manager, British Council

"Fantastic job, GSA team! Kudos and keep it up!"

Hemant Puthli MD & Partner, Neo Group Inc.

"What a great event in a great location! Instead of somewhat boring black tie / strictly business events you have a freedom of self-expression and free fun communication with your piers! A great addition to the good business and social discussions and conversations!"

Boris Kontsevoi, President, Intetics Inc.